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li-pozzuoli-- oil / canvas - original - 12x16i-30x40cm + Mt. + F


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  • weight-units : 4  w.units

Li Pozzuoli - Original by Marie Mella

Li Pozzuoli

Collection Canvas Light
for Kids, Young and Collectors

Oil on canvas

Dim : 11 3/8" x 15 3/8" (29 x 39 cm)
mounted and framed

Chloe two : Li Pozzuoli

Artist : Marie Mella - year : 2008
certified original and unique by the artist
technique : oil painting, layering, light-style on canvas

Collection "Canvas Light" : oil painting on canvas fine texture

Li Pozzuoli - Original by Marie Mella

Li Pozzuoli

Li Pozzuoli - Original by Marie Mella

mat window 12x16" (29x39cm), outside 16x20" (40x50cm)
glass and aluminium frame 16x20" (40x50cm)

Chloe-twos : I paint two paintings together, so their subject, style and colors are similar. The idea is to create a little world of "twins" to decorate for instance a bedroom, lunch-room or any place with some symmetrical design.

Li Gold and Li Pozzuoli, express both joy and warmth,
Li Gold with a sunny yellow, Li Pozzuoli in earth-tones.
The same cinaber-red, ochre an light green tones build the floral motive in both paintings.

Li Gold and Li Pozzuoli

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